Silsbee Tours

Please us our short checklist below to help you have all the information you need to help us better serve you.

  1. How many guests will be traveling on this trip? Exact numbers may not be known in the planning stages but will be needed to ensure that we meet your traveling needs and the comfort of our guests. The number that you provide us with will help us to give you a fair and competitive price.
  2. How long will this trip be? Know the day(s) or the week(s) that you will need transportation in order for this date(s) to be blocked off for your events. Should these times change, please notify us immediately to ensure that we can set aside the drivers and times for your departure. It is an in-town event for one evening only? To provide you with prompt and professional service, we will help you settle the details when we discuss the event.
  3. Are there any special needs for your group? We endeavor to ensure that all of our guests are comfortable and strive to assist with any special needs within our capabilities.
  4. Onsite Viewing of buses welcomed! We want all of our perspective customers to be comfortable not only with our drivers but with their transportation as well. We invite you to come and see the coach you will be traveling on to see if it meets your expectations.
  5. Let us sponsor your next event! Our drivers are professional, courteous and knowledgeable of the road whether your event is in state or out of state. With our years of service, we will help make your event and the planning successful. So call us or email us, we will be there to help you!
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